How to tag:


Here is a list of items you’ll want to have on hand when you are preparing your items to sell.

White 60 lb or higher cardstock
•Hangers –plastic (preferred) or wire
•Permanent marker
•Ziploc baggies, dry-cleaning bags or clear wrap for puzzles
•Tag gun (preferred) or safety pins

Tagging guns are the way to go!!! You can purchase them on Ebay or Amazon. Do a search for fine fabric tagging gun. When using a tagging gun, be sure to place the tag into the seam of the garment so a hole is not created in the fabric. They run about $10-12 and are worth every penny!!

Using My Consignment Manager to Create Tags

Haute Tots uses a system called My Consignment Manager, which will allow you to electronically enter all of your items, print tags, and manage your inventory.  The cost of using this system is included in your registration fee.

Benefits to you:

•Easy to use, point/click menus
•Electronically enter your tags from any computer with internet access
•Calculate your potential sales
•Print lists of your sold/unsold inventory
•Print an itemized donation list (unsold items) for your taxes
•Resubmit unsold items from one sale to another without retagging
Access to My Consignment Manager begins when you register for a sale. 


1. Organize items into groups by type – toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort clothing by gender, type, and size.

2. Enter your items into My Consignment Manager. By sorting prior to entering, you will save time because you will only have to re-enter the price and description for each similar item. Categories are held until you change them. The fields are also text friendly and will automatically complete the field once you’ve learned the descriptions and key the first letter or digit.

3. Edit any tags by going the Manage Inventory screen. Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.

4. The clothing area at the sales is organized by gender, then from smaller sizes to larger sizes. It is very important to size your items appropriately so they will be placed in the best area for buyers to see. Since the SIZE field does not offer range of sizes, please defer to the smaller size if your item has a range (example: size 10-12 should be tagged as a size 10).

5. Print tags any time you want - at intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items. Print tags only on white cover stock or card stock 60# weight or heavier.  NO scrapbook paper, NO photo paper! The pin needs to be in the very RIGHT corner of the tag! REMEMBER... Tag on RIGHT side of garmet, pin on RIGHT corner of tag!!!  The pin should only go through the tag one time. If you need clarification, please call Kristi - email us if you do not have her number. THIS IS IMPORTANT : If tags are not on the item correctly, we will ask you to fix them at drop off. If you use a fine fabric tagging gun, this will not be an issue.

6. Check your tags to make sure the barcode is clear and is not excessively dark (sometimes the ‘DRAFT' setting is best to use when printing). 

7. Tag your items by cutting tags on the lines and pinning to left shoulder or right side if the clothing is facing you (use safety pins or a tag gun). Hangers should be open to the left like a question mark - ?. When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the bar code.


Pant hangers work best, but if you do not have them, please pin the pants to the top of the hanger like this example.

Using a tagging gun is preferred. If the item does not have a tag, please make sure the tagging gun is inserted into a seam like the red shirt above. If the item has a tag, please use the tag like the green shirt above.

If you are not using a tagging gun, please use safety pins and make sure the pin only goes through the tag one time in the upper right corner. Please make sure this is done correctly, or you will have to correct this at check in.

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